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2022-08-18 Hyxion
How do we make pizza?

How do we make pizza?

Firstly, we need to make sure the chimney is open. See, there is a handle here, we can use the handle to open or close the chimney. Oxygen is needed if we burn the wood, isn’t it? That’s why we need to keep the chimney open. One thing I missed, It’s wood fired pizza oven, we need to burn wood to heat the pizza oven. Next, we open the door and put wood inside and burn it, we usually put 3.5KG-4KG wood inside.It normally takes 15-20 minute to preheat the pizza oven. After that, We use the brush to sweep aside the ash, see the inside, there is island trim inside the oven, we can sweep the ash to the island trim and the ash will fall down, we have a ash tray to collect ash, which makes the pizza oven easier cleanup. Now, it’s time to bake pizza, let’s use the pizza peel to put the pizza inside. It can bake 2*12’’ pizza or larger ones you like. Please make sure the chimney is close during the time you make pizza, we need to prevent heat loss, don’t we?After 3-5 minute, take out the pizza oven, we can use the pizza cutter to slice the pizza, and use the pizza spatula to get one piece.

As I mentioned, it comes with a brush, pizza peel, cutter, spatula. There are 4 hooks to hang accessories or other stuff you need.

I see there are casters, how many casters does it come with.

Total 24 casters. Each cabinet comes with 4 casters and 2 adjustable legs. So total 24 casters and 12 adjustable legs. As I mentioned, you can arrange the pieces in any configuration. If you don’t need one or 2 pieces, the quantity of the caster will be different, isn’t it?

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