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The company's scientific and technological work has been continuously carried out. Since 2011, it has set up an enterprise technology center and organized the management of the company's scientific and technological work. Over the years, it has achieved fruitful results in scientific research and development and innovation work. At present, it has obtained 154 patents, including 2 invention patents. There are 102 utility model patents and 50 appearance patents. The company's invention patent technology is advanced and applicable. One of the invention patents won the 4th Guangdong Patent Excellence Award in 2016; one invention patent won the 19th China Patent Excellence Award in 2017; the company was Recognized as the Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center (Guangdong Haixin High-end Intelligent Kitchen Electrical Engineering Technology Research Center), technology has always been in the leading position in this field.

Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center

The company hired Zhang Yan, Dean of School of Computer and Information Technology, Mudanjiang Normal University, Dean of Zhongping, School of Mechanical Engineering, Mudanjiang University, Vice President Lu Xiaoli, Professor Shi Yujiang, Professor Yu Jie, Professor Guan Yingkai, and guided the company's independent technology research and development work. Our company has jointly established Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Dongguan Institute of Technology to jointly develop the "Key Technology and Industrialization of Intelligent and Efficient Interactive Kitchen Electric System" project. The two sides are strong and strong, complement each other, and have formed a good research, development, design and testing capabilities, and at the same time have superior industrialization capabilities.

Our company has also joined forces with the University of Victoria in Switzerland to jointly develop the "Oven Indicator Circuit" project. The two sides are strong and strong, attach importance to talents, introduce talents, train manpower, commit to promoting the sharing of talents and technologies, drive the creation of technical reports, provide comprehensive services for the company's staff to study, exchange, cooperate and innovate and start a business; Combine the training of high-quality talent platform.

Global CSA Accredited Laboratory

Enterprises mainly involved in the field of kitchen appliances, especially high-end integrated smart kitchen appliances.

The company has always attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation. It invests more than 6% of its annual sales in scientific research, product development and process improvement. The company has a professional R&D team and invested more than 5 million to create a national-level product testing laboratory. Through the most stringent CSA certification in the world, we are the first CSA-certified factory in China and have passed the global CSA accredited laboratory. the main customers are internationally renowned hypermarkets, including good things, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Sears, Labor, Best Buy and other world-class brands, technical achievements and research and development strength, in the field of high-end smart kitchen appliances, is in the leading position in the industry.

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