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2022-08-18 Hyxion
Hyxion intelligent kitchen appliance production line

 Bending Punching Workshop 

Invested around ten million dollars into our equipment. this includes 18 Amada CNC punching machines,66 bending machines,38 pcs punching machines,

10 sets robots and 6 pcs lazer machines.

Production Line 


Kitchen appliances production line, everything is 100% inspectd and tested before it is packed.

Porcelain workshop: 


Invested over 3 million dollars into our porcelain workshop equipment.

Some of the equipment includes the following: 2 GEMA powder coating lines, WAGNER porcelain lines.

Powder Coating Workshop : 

ok-IMG_7973Semi-automatic hanging line in the workshop. Different colors are available: Black, Red. Blue etc.

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