Pro-style 8-piece Modular Outdoor Kitchen Suite


Modular Outdoor Kitchen Suite offers the flexibility to put the freestanding appliances in any arrangement, saving homeowners the cost of built-in structures
The new 8-piece Modular Kitchen Suite includes: 24-inch Indoor/Outdoor Refrigerator Drawers , Pizza Oven , Side Burner with Bottom Cabinet , Grill , Grill Cabinet , Sink Cabinet , Corner Cabinet and Appliance Cabinet . These products are all Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) rated for outdoor use and feature 304 stainless steel to resist rust, ensure longevity and is easy to clean.

The 24-inch Indoor/Outdoor Refrigerator Drawers feature a ventilated cooling system and no-frost design that automatically defrosts the evaporator to maintain uniform cooling and prevent humidity and freezing. The Appliance Cabinet features casters with brakes and fits.

The Grill with Grill Cabinet features a rotisserie, four 12,000 BTU tube burners and one 10,000 BTU infrared burner – and the classic wood-burning Pizza Oven includes a commercial grade refractory brick hearth design. The Sink Cabinet includes a faucet and sink, spice rack, bottle opener and additional storage space, while the Side Burner with Bottom Cabinet features two 10,000 BTU burners and double drawers. For additional storage, the Corner Cabinet brings the suite together as the corner piece where different layouts pivot.



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