Technical barriers
  • Burner for improving combustion power and reducing carbon monoxide emission based on lower air feeding theory
  • Reverse fuel gas infrared heat radiating burner and fuel gas appliance provided with burner
  • Oven safety control protection system and oven with same
  • Gas appliance with automatic safe ignition function
  • Solar knob igniter for gas cooker
  • etc…
Tool cabinet
Combination cabinet
Combination cabinet
Technical barriers
  • Utility model patents:Workstation quick detach folding mechanism
  • Invention patent:High-stability workbench folding structure
  • Rearmounted lock of tool cabinet drawer
  • Hanger position adjusting mechanism
  • Auto -lock bouncing device
  • etc.
Outdoor kitchen
BBQ Grill
Technical barriers
  • Oven body structure for small convenient oven
  • Exempt from welded glass window structure
  • A combustor and an oven using the same
  • Gas tray fixing device
  • Novel bottle opener
  • etc.

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