CNC Punch Machine

The factory introduces advanced production lines and special equipment from Japan and Switzerland, such as dozens of AMADA CNC Punch Machines from Japan, dozens of Bench Tapping Machines, and 30 CNC Bending Machines.



Enamel Workshop

The manufacturing plant invested a lot of funds to set up Enamel Workshop independently, in order to better control the uncertain factors in the production process.

Testing Machinety

The manufacturing plant introduced a large number of professional testing equipment in order to set up a research and development laboratory Such as: Salt Spray Tester, Earth Resistance Tester, Without Voltage Tester, Anemometer, Force Gauge, CO/CO2 Analyzer, Digital Power Meter, Ring Crush Compression Tester, Hinge Life Tester, Rang Temp Testing Area.


The 2011 project department began designing the oven, and in the same year, it produced products for the famous brand company (OEM). In 2014, the performance doubled and was moved to Dongguan Hongmei Town by the invitation of Hongmei Town Government of Dongguan City. 2016 State Key Laboratory, North American CSA Authorized Laboratory, German spraying line synchronized online operation. 2017 high-end smart kitchen appliances are online. In the past three years, with the rapid development of the company, it has achieved fruitful results and completed the transformation of results. The scale of the company has grown and the sales revenue has grown rapidly. The goal of Hyxion Company is to create the most cost-effective home electrical products, to create a warm and suitable home life for the people of the world, and to be a 100-year private enterprise in China.


Oil Press Machine

20 set Oil Press Machines with pressure coverage from 25T to 300T. And 2 set 600T Oil Press Machines


Powder Coating Workshop

Manufacturers spend a lot of money to set up Powder Coating Workshop independently in order to better control product quality.

Raw Material

All raw materials have been to comprehensive testing before moving into production.


All finished products will enter our warehouse. Our Chinese factory has nearly 2.37 million sq. Ft. There are 3 finished product warehouses in the United States and 1 finished product warehouse in Canada.

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