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2022-07-23 Hyxion
The strength of Hyxion

Hyxion also invests heavily in improving production efficiency. We currently have 4 active production parks. Our combined manufacturing capacity can reach 1500 containers per month. We have more than 100 engineers, designers and technicians actively conducting research, development and testing.

Since its inception in 2011, Hyxion has worked to establish an in-house CSA and UL standard testing laboratory. After years of development and countless hours invested in improving our facilities, we are now authorized to conduct CSA and UL testing in-house. This in turn will increase the efficiency of our product development and speed up the entire process.


CNAS laboratory and Guangdong Province R&D center

In our lab we can do CSA & UL testing, and can also do third-party quality testing.

Hyxion Design Capabilities

The biggest part of our design team is comprised of 100 engineers who have over 10 years of experience with indoor gas range products.Our team also includes 10 professional tooling developers which with over 20 years of experience.

Our design process follows Advanced Product Quality Planning

(or APQP). Below we have broken down the steps in this process:

·Define the new project.

·Product design/development.

·Validation of the design by ourengineers.

·Final testing stage to validate each product.

The main design software our team uses is Pro-E, Auto-CAD."

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