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2022-07-23 Hyxion
Beginner's Guide to Buying a BBQ Grill

Buying your first grill can be a tough proposition. You'll get a lot of advice from people, but what works for them may not meet your needs or your budget. In this article, I'll cover the three main types of grills (gas) and the pros and cons of each to help you narrow down your search.

1.Multi-burner gas outdoor grill

This grill is CSA certificated, we also have one that is CE certificated.

The one CE certificated comes with 4 tube burners with 12,000BTU, and the rear infrared burner with 10,000BTU. The knobs are different and don’t come with LED lights. No light inside the grill. 

Let’s look at the cabinet, it comes with 2 drawers and 1 storage cabinet.See, both drawers and cabinet are soft close. There is a Can holder in the cabinet, you know, we need to use gas. This one comes with a slide-in can holder, we can press the button to unlock the holder and then slide the holder out, then place the can on the holder and slide the holder back, we can also press the button to lock the holder.

Now, let’s look at this side burner. There are 2 burners with 10,000BTU inside it. There is also a rack above the burners, we can use plate or pan to cook something like steak, vegetable, soup or whatever you want.

2.Two-burner portable BBQ

3.One-burner portable BBQ

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