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2022-07-07 Hyxion
The current fiery pizza oven you must have

Let us focus on our top-selling product, which has been sold to many countries and is a very popular product,and this model has cooperation with some hypermarkets. Wood-burning pizza oven, all made of 430 stainless steel.

And it is equipped with tools such as cutter, scraper, brush, shovel, which do not require customers to buy them separately, which is very convenient



Our method of use is also very simple. Just put the wood in and burn it. Close the chimney,after the burning reaches 350 degrees, Use brush to remove the charcoal, then use scraper to put the pizza in, open the chimney at the same time,waiting for 2-3 minutes is ok. and finally cutter and shovel can be used to divide pizza.

You can choose different scented wood to burn, then the pizza will have a different taste

Inside the pizza oven, 3-4 10-inch pizza ovens are placed at one time.

There are wheels at the bottom for easy movement, and the wheels are equipped with brakes for easy fixation.

This pizza oven can hold 103pcs in 40HQ

In addition to the wood-burning pizza oven, we also have a gas pizza oven. We have passed CSA and CE certification and can be sold to North America and Europe.  

Just like the wood pizza oven, the accessories are all delivered as a set.

Then,you can see this, this is for North American and the gas tank is positioned on the left side of the bottom, but European gas tank is positioned in the middle.Because this is designed according to the usage habits of people in different countries

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