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2022-10-08 Hyxion
Hyxion smart kitchen one-stop solution service

   You’re into cooking. So maybe you’re a budding gastronome or maybe you’re a full-blown chef de cuisine in that kitchen of yours. Or maybe you just want to cook for friends or family and just don’t want to embarrass yourself.

  You’re right in our wheelhouse. We’re  Hyxion Smart Kitchen. And what we design and build are some of the hardest working kitchen mates around.Professional design. Premium power and performance. Appliances that bring oohs and ahhs before the first dish even hits the table. And the utterly fantastic news? You don’t have to decide between a new car or a new kitchen suite to step into them.

  Seriously. You can get an entire suite of handsomely designed and meticulously crafted Hyxion Smart Kitchen for less than the price of someone else’s hyped-up, absurdly priced range alone. That full suite of kitchen appliances includes a  professional stainless steel range, range hood, refrigerator and stainless steel dishwasher. All for under $5,500.

  Truly. These are superbly crafted, full-featured, stainless steel tools designed to please both the eyes and the appetites. That’s what Hyxion kitchen Smart is all about. You, your kitchen and the ability to have the professional kitchen of your dreams.

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